RELATED PICTURES (RP) is a New York-based independent production company that develops and produces low to moderate-budget original content for film and television. Successfully working in collaboration with financiers, both RP and our investors are equally committed to an intelligent framework of discipline and risk-management in producing and distributing content. RP seeks to move the needle, and infuse all projects with big and small screen production values by producing a wide-range of forward-thinking projects with some of today’s most innovative and independent filmmakers. Founded in 2013 by Ken H. Keller and Caron Rudner, this award-winning team specializes in character-driven narratives with strong artistic statements. Keller/Rudner utilize their unique blend of skill to develop and produce smart original stories with maximum creative integrity, and diverse broad commercial appeal.

Related Pictures does not accept, review or respond to unsolicited submission: info@relatedpictures.com